Image photo with the TORO EVO GTX LO, South Carolina

Tour: Angel Oak Park A stroll around the amazing Angel Oak Tree

Start of the tour:
Angel Oak Park
End of the tour:
Angel Oak Park
Sturdy footwear, hiking clothes
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The Angel Oak Tree located just west of Char­leston is one of the most unusual forms of life on our planet. The huge Virginia oak is estimated to be 400 to 500 years old. It has survived countless earth­quakes, storms and floods during its time on Earth. Construction projects planned in the area near the tree are viewed scep­tically. The reason is obvious: Clearing the woods around the tree could destroy its roots, and site devel­opment could signi­ficantly upset the flow of groundwater.

You can really get to know and marvel at the tree by taking a stroll around it. The oak tree is 20 metres high, has a circum­ference of 8.5 metres and shades an area of 1,600 m². Its branches are as large and thick as normal trees. They rest on the ground and rise into the sky as if they were a new tree. The tree’s longest branch is 57 metres. It looks just like a giant octopus. This trip may not be phys­ically taxing. But it certainly will provide you with an over­whelming spiritual and emotional experience.