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The mountains are calling! This could defi­nitely be the motto of the LOWA ACTIVE Team, a group of individuals that primarily consists of mountain guides, alpinists and mountain lovers. Many of them devote most of their free time to their very involved hobby, and some of them even try to turn their favourite pastime into a career. But it’s not just mountain enthusiasts who are part of the LOWA ACTIVE Team. People such as phys­icians and falconers have joined it as well.

Like with its CLIMBING Team, LOWA is determined to do something more than simply support team members during their tours and adventures. The company also wants to hear team members’ opinions and learn about their expe­riences with the products. LOWA considers them to be experts. All of them test the company’s footwear on the broadest range of terrains and usage areas – from approaches on ice and rock to uses in people’s everyday lives.

Meet the LOWA ACTIVE Team