They’re brand ambassadors, fasci­nating individuals, extreme testers, sources of inspi­ration and key deve­lopment partners. They are the athletes on the LOWA PRO team. LOWA has been working with the elite members of the profes­sional moun­ta­i­neering community for many years now. By assisting these alpinists, the outdoor company supports their work on expe­ditions. The LOWA PRO Team now consists of athletes from Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

Rugged boots designed to take on the worst-possible weather conditions are an essential part of their adventures. LOWA develops high-tech alpine boots and climbing shoes with the athletes’ special needs in mind. The athletes are also directly involved in the deve­lopment process. They help to refine the tiniest of details. The end result is always a boot that meets the very highest standards. The profes­sional athletes don’t just act as brand ambassadors for LOWA – they are also the most critical and most extreme testers of the company’s boots. This means they serve as influential advisers and partners.

Meet the LOWA PRO Team