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Fast-paced hiking

Speed hiking tips

Speed hiking is a mix of intensive endurance sport and mountain hiking. People who perform speed hiking are primarily …



Taking the “iron way” to the top

Tips for via ferrata

Via ferrata are becoming more and more popular. And why shouldn’t they? They are the perfect way to safely scale sheer …


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Mum, this isn’t fun anymore!

Hiking with children

Get your hiking boots on and head for the hills with the entire family. All parents certainly know that going on a …


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A special kind of time out

Tips for pilgrim hiking

Adventure pilgrimage! This type of mean­dering adventure has fascinated people for centuries. And people still set off …



First long-distance trek: tips for beginners

First long-distance trek: tips for beginners

Lacing up your hiking boots in the knowledge that you don’t have to do anything for the next few days, or even weeks, …


Book a room with a view

Camping-out tips

Total adventure! Spending the night in the great outdoors has a lot to offer. Sometimes, nature is the very best hotel …


Tipps für Gassigeher im Herbst

Walking the dog

Walking with a dog in autumn and winter

Around 10 million dog owners in Germany share your fate several times a day. The worse the weather outside is, the more …


Tipps für Gassigeher im Herbst

The proper way to explore nearby natural settings

Tips for strolling through the woods and fields

A forest on the edge of town or a meadow just around the corner – quite often, we do not need to travel far to enjoy …


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Hiking planning from A-Z

The tour

A hike in nature is something wonderful, is fun and creates unforgettable expe­riences. To make this unforgettable …


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Walking in a Winterwon­derland

Walking in a winter wonderland

Cosying up on the sofa under your favourite blanket and sipping a hot, spiced punch or baking cookies with the entire …



It’s snowing! It’s snowing!

Tips for hiking with children in winter

Winter hikes cast a magical spell on children. But they certainly will not offer much peace and quiet. The sound of …


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Tips for activities before your front door

Discover nature with children

An excep­tional stone or a colourful flower: the great outdoors is a real explorer’s paradise for kids and the best …