Image photo with the RENEGADE GTX MID, Image Shooting Gardasee

Hiking adventure

Forgetting the routine, relishing the fun

The sun is beaming down, a cool breeze is stirring, and you are stuck in the office, at home or somewhere in the city most of the time – the daily grind has you firmly under its control. It’s about time for a jaunt in nature! A little adventure awaits you. Your workout in the fresh air will be balsam for your body and mind, no matter whether you set off on a one-day hike or a multiple-day tour. It will reawaken the curiosity of your childhood and will be a tremendous oppor­tunity to create an unforgettable expe­rience with your family and friends. As part of #ForTheNextStep, we plan to explore and share the motivation behind and the joy of the phenomenon known as hiking with you.

Why don’t we take the gondola? Stefanie Schindler – a daily travel mate

Together with her husband and two children, our blog partner Stefanie Schindler, who provides large and small active travellers with hiking inspi­ration in her hiking and travel blog called “a daily travel mate”, climbs mountains, circles lakes and marvels at volcanoes. The main thing is to be active; the main thing is to be outdoors – after all, she can never keep her feet still. Active travelling, hiking, discovering nature with the family. #ForTheNextStep has a completely different meaning to her.


Image photo with the INNOX EVO GTX QC JUNIOR,


Towering mountains, gorgeous land­scapes, foreign cultures – unforgettable adventures await you! Everybody knows the feeling – that sense of anti­cipation and those goosebumps of exci­tement – that arises when you start to plan your next tour, your next expe­dition or simply your next hike with your family. #ForTheNextStep is what this feeling is all about. It’s about our motivation, the inner engine that drives us to achieve great things as well as our inqui­sitive desire to see something new, get to know something new and expe­rience something new. But even the greatest achievements, things like scaling an eight-thou­sander or a rela­tively simple one-day tour, are not possible without the appro­priate prepa­ration, exact planning and the necessary carefulness.