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Lieblingstour - Rheinburgenweg

My tour: Rhein­Bur­genWeg Trail Tranquil, yet adven­turous, the hiking trail Rhein­bur­genweg winds its way through nearly 200 km in the Rhineland

Multiday hike
Start of the tour:
End of the tour:
69:00 hours
195 km
5.463 m
5.384 m
Hiking equipment, hiking boots

The Rhein­bur­genweg hiking trail is an all-time classic here in the region! Everybody will find exactly what he or she is looking for on the Rhein­bur­genweg, be it short or long hikes. If you want to complete the stages a little faster, you can replace your hiking boots with trail shoes. The Rhein­bur­genweg is the perfect place to hike in winter or summer!